The National Dive Centre December 2017 News  
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Full steam ahead!
A true story of underwater treasure
Our friends from the Historical Diving Society visited Stoney Cove recently. But they didn’t just pop by for a cheeky dive. They were re-enacting the true story of two Whitstable hard hat divers, who attempted to recover a steam locomotive from the Rhine river, for a German film company. The locomotive was built in Karlsruhe in 1852 and was being transported by barge when stormy weather near Germersheim caused the cargo to slip into the flooded Rhine. The intrepid divers made two unsuccessful attempts to salvage the locomotive before the search was called off. Now, 165 years later, a new project is underway to locate and recover Germany’s oldest surviving steam locomotive. It’s not going to be easy. The locomotive is thought to be buried under tonnes of rock dumped during the construction of a groyne years later. If you’re a German speaker and want to read all about it, your luck’s in, because here’s a link. And if you just want to look at the pictures, go there too.

Christmas Sale
Bargain Bonanza
Did you miss out on the Black Friday deals…? Don’t worry! We have loads more great Christmas offers for you! Just give us a call on 01455 273089 for our best prices and the latest in-store deals or check out Underwaterworld online. Then hold on to your Santa hats, because on 14 Dec we will be launching our largest ever, price-busting, end-of-season sale in the Underwaterworld store at Stoney Cove. This monster sale will be on right through the Christmas holiday. So if you’ve had your fill of turkey and telly, come and check out the sale and then let’s go diving!


Yuletide and mistletoe
It’s all happening at Nemo’s this December! Our fabulous team is busy dishing up delicious Christmas dinners to the accompaniment of a crackling log fire. If you haven’t made your festive plans yet, give them a call to make a reservation. And don’t forget that our favourite musical idiots – The Cheeze – will be at Nemo’s on the evening of 15 Dec to get everyone in the Christmas mood. You’re all very welcome and there’s no door charge!


Ding dong!
Christmas At Stoney
Stoney Cove, Underwaterworld and Nemo’s Bar will be open throughout most of the festive season. The lake is still warm and the diving will be excellent, with superb visibility … and our underwater Christmas tree! The last night dive of 2017 will be on 20 December. That night, we will be here to welcome you with mince pies and Christmas shenanigans. After your lovely dive, Nemo’s log fire will be crackling away, ready to welcome you to your Christmas dinner or just a pint with your mates. We are even open during the Christmas week (27–31 December). Check out our opening times for diving and contact Nemo’s on 01455 274198 to reserve your table.

10 degrees and below
The dangers of free flow
Scuba diving doesn’t have to be a summer-only activity. That’s because keeping warm in cold water is easy. Just wear a good drysuit, a high-performance undersuit and dry gloves or mitts and you will be warm and toasty. You might think it’s not worth the hassle, but trust me – in the depths of winter, a day's diving at Stoney Cove with excellent viz is superb.

However there is one thing that’s worth paying special attention to … and that’s free-flowing regulators. This unwanted malfunction can occur in water below 10 degrees Celsius. This is when ice crystals can form around the tilt lever of the demand valve and prevent it from closing after you’ve taken a breath. The free flow can develop quite suddenly and if your regulator continues to flow when you pause before exhaling, we recommend that you abort your dive and head for the surface in a calm, controlled manner. If you ignore this warning sign, your regulator may develop a full-blown, frozen free flow, which will empty your cylinder alarmingly quickly.

Here are a few tips that will help you to avoid a free-flow situation:

1. If the water temperature is 10 degrees or lower, don’t ever purge your regulator or remove it unnecessarily from your mouth when underwater.

2. Never ever use a demand valve attached to your primary air supply to fill a delayed SMB or lifting bag.

3. Always use CE cold-water-approved regulators.

Free-flowing-regulator incidents can quickly escalate into a very dangerous situation, so please take this advice seriously.

Now that said, get your drysuit on and jump in – the water’s lovely!



Well we haven’t seen Stoney Cove decorated in the white stuff for years and years and it certainly looks like Christmas now. Our festive trees are up and the underwater tree will soon have its lights turned on, just in time for diving Santas. Don’t forget that we’ve got mulled wine with turkey dinners at Nemo’s right now and we are open over the Christmas holidays, when we’ll have a monster sale on at Underwater World. We are looking forward to some truly festive diving. Happy Christmas!

Dive Safely,




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