The National Dive Centre September 2017 News  
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A Big Thank You!
2016 Diver Awards – and video!
Winning a prestigious award is always a thrill for the team at Stoney Cove and so we were delighted to receive the Diver Magazine 2016 DIVE CENTRE OF THE YEAR AWARD. This award celebrates everything we all did at Stoney Cove during the last year. It celebrates the training and the at-work diving. It celebrates the huge amount of gear our technicians have serviced and the heaps of lovely, shiny new equipment sold in our Underwaterworld store. It also celebrates the pints, chips, burgers, steaks and many, many superb meals that were served up by the fabulous team at Nemo’s. But most importantly of all, the award celebrates every one of your dives, whether you visited your favourite wreck or went to some secret, faraway corner of Stoney Cove, where the viz is always good. So from our amazing team to our amazing customers, here’s a great big thank you for making Stoney Cove everyone’s favourite dive centre. And thanks to everybody that contributed to our celebratory video too. (It’s pretty neat.)

The Shearwater Perdix
The ultimate, adaptable dive computer?
This popular technical dive computer is manufactured in Canada by Shearwater Research. Its lineage can be traced back to early Shearwater computer, the Predator – Shearwater’s first product, launched in the late noughties. Since then, the Perdix has come a long way. Its easy-to-read, full-colour display is 45mm wide, allowing an overview of all relevant information in a single glance. Settings are controlled by two buttons – one on each side – which allow the user to select up to three Nitrox mixes or OC Technical, which allows for the use of up to five trimix gases, CC INT, for closed-circuit rebreather diving and a gauge mode. All modes are user-customisable in terms of what they show and where they show it. Interestingly, the Perdix features an adaptive safety stop option. When using the Adapt setting, a 3 minute safety stop will be used, unless the dive exceeds 30m or the NDL falls below 5 minutes, in which case a 5 minute safety stop is used.The display always shows “time to surface” so you know how long you should expect to spend on your ascent. The batteries are, of course, user interchangeable, and you don’t need specialised tools to swap them. It is advisable, however, to splash out on two sets of high-quality rechargeable batteries, as the bright, large, colourful screen does suck up the power, and you risk spending a lot of money on disposable batteries. The Perdix is an excellent, high-resolution dive computer, suitable for recreational and more adventurous technical diving.


Scapa Special Ale
Divers’ favourite tipple?
Although beer-swilling divers are a bit last century, a pint of ale is still a pretty good way to finish off a perfect day’s diving. And if you’ve ever ventured far enough north to enjoy the amazing diving that Scotland and its glorious islands have to offer, you will have come across Scapa Special Ale. The label shows the voluntary scuttling of the interned German fleet in Scapa Flow in 1919. Once the anchorage of the British Home Fleet, today Scapa Flow is a world-class diving destination. Three malts and five hops – from Britain, Germany and the US – make Scapa Special a classic pale ale. And guess what? This divers’ favourite tipple will be available at the bar at Nemo’s this coming weekend. Oh yes.

Picture this
Stoney Cove's photo competition
I’m sure Andy Kent’s friendly seal is having a laugh at our expense… Rubber instead of blubber? And what about those weird flippers? I love it! This month’s competition has brought us a wide variety of fresh and seawater shots that showcase just how good scuba diving is. It was difficult to choose, but the winner is Daryl Parker with Cornish Blues. In second place, we have Keith Sheldon with Feeding Frenzy, while Chris Ryan is the runner-up with Sturgeon Watching. Please keep sending in your fabulous diving shots to be in with a chance of winning our next competition!

Pop-up Try Dive
Is diving for your friends too?
Roll up, roll up! For two days only, wannabe divers can have a go at scuba diving! Do you have friends that don’t scuba dive? Maybe your children are now old enough to give it a go? Perhaps YOU have always wanted to try it out. If so, pay a visit to Birmingham’s NEC and DIVE 2017, where we’re inviting anyone aged 10 and over to have a go in our lovely, warm try-dive pool. All you need is swim gear and a towel to take your first breaths underwater. Our instructors from The Dive School at Stoney Cove will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the next steps to becoming a scuba diver. Don’t forget about the 2-for-1 ticket deal especially for Stoney Cove Diverlog customers! It’s available online here.

I’m just back from Scapa Flow! It’s become an annual pilgrimage, yet I’m often asked why I go back. Because it’s so reliably good, that’s why. It may be a long journey to Orkney, but I was rewarded with six days of superb, easy diving that was a lot of fun. Tabarka remains my favourite wreck, but all of the dive sites are good and the dive boat skippers share access to the wrecks in a well-orchestrated dive boat dance! Back at Stoney, the viz is now improving as we approach those crystal clear winter dives. Even better, the water temperature will stay above 10 degrees into December, so it’s still officially warm.


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