Underwaterworld is the name for the diving gear at Stoney Cove.         www.underwaterworld.co.uk

We've been selling dive gear since 1978. In fact when we started diving drysuits weren't available. We had to make do with homemade wetsuits and suck air through a modified Calor gas valve attached to a cylinder salvaged from an aircraft.

How things have changed and now diving gear is sophisticated, functional and exotic. And you can benefit from our unrivalled years of experience in gear sales and be sure that we will help you prepare to join us in fantastic underwaterworld adventures.

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for gear from Aqualung, US Divers, Poseidon, Dacor, Hydrotech, Scubapro, Apeks, Buddy, Faber, Tusa, DUI, Typhoon, Suunto, Uwatec and lifestyle gear from Oakley, Weird Fish, O,Neil, IQ, Billabong, Seventenths, Forthelement and watches from Freestyle, Citizen

Our mission is the same now as it was back in 1978 "Unrivalled advice, service and price" We really do care that the gear you buy is the best for you, it's ready to use and is the best value for your money.