BSAC Twin Set Course
£270 / 2 Days / 3 Dives

A central theme running through this course and a basic principle of twin-set diving is self sufficiency within a buddy diving context. This concept translates in practice as adopting an attitude and equipment provision that supports oneself as the first port of call response for resolving a problem. This course complements and support the Accelerated decompression procedures course (ADP).

Entry requirement   
Entry level is BSAC Sports Diver with depth expereince to 35m, plus 20 additional dives. 
Alternatively, students must hold an acceptable diving qualification with another agency which equates to the above standards (35m).

What you’ll learn
The Twin-set Diving course has a mix of classroom-based and practical lessons, teaching you:

• Configurations, Ancillary Equipment & Failure Mode Responses
• Dive planning and monitoring
• Practical Equipment configuration
• Open Water practice