Guided Dives for Certified Divers

Discover Stoney Cove guided tours include any equipment hire you may need and are priced by the dive.

£65   1 dive / 1/2 day
£115   2 dive / 1 day

Diving in Stoney Cove is an amazing experience, there’s so much to see and there is no better way, than to take your first dive in Stoney Cove with a trusted guide. Your tour will be tailored specifically to your experience and to provide the sort of diving you enjoy. So if you want to see the shipwrecks , it’s a visit it to Stoney’s famous Stangarth, Viscount and Nautilus or maybe for prefer to enjoy the aquatic life, so let’s go pike hunting in the weed beds, or wall diving. Stoney Cove is an amazing underwater world filled with fish, crustaceans, shell fish, even corals, it’s fantastic.

For more information or to book a guide, please call us on 01455 272768