Popular questions and their answers regarding the re-opening of Stoney Cove.

How many divers or swimmers can I buy tickets for?

One diver (yourself) or two swimmers

How many divers will be at Stoney Cove

130 divers and 50 swimmers at any one time

Can I have a refund if I can't attend or transfer my ticket to another person?

No, however we will issue a credit to your account , less an admin charge.

Can I transfer my ticket to another day?

No, however we will issue a credit to your account , less an admin charge if you contact us at least 24 hrs before the date of the ticket. Please call 01455273089 Mon-Fri 

What days will you be reopening?

We will be open 7 days each week, Monday through till Sunday.

What times will you be open?

We will be open from 8.30am each day (including Saturday and Sunday). There is no need to arrive before 8.30am.

Will the rescue boat and crew be on standby?

Yes, always when divers are in the water.

Will the toilets be open?

Yes, and the changing rooms are open too.

Can I refill my cylinder?

Yes, we are filling Air, Nitrox and 100% Oxygen.

Will the shop be open?

Yes, the shop is fully open.

Will hire kit be available?

Hire kit is available, please call the Dive store to book on 01455273089

Will Nemo's Bar be open?

Yes, Nemo’s is open for takeout, restaurant and bar. Both, outside and inside. Please order at the hatch for take out and via the app in the bar.

Can I bring students and teach?

Yes you can, we have a limit of a maximum of 8 students at present. You can reserve a space for your school vehicle and book your student tickets directly by creating a school account here