Popular questions and their answers regarding the re-opening of Stoney Cove.

How many divers or swimmers can I buy tickets for?


How many divers will be at Stoney Cove

50 divers and 20 swimmers at any one time

Can I have a refund if I can't attend or transfer my ticket to another person?


Can I transfer my ticket to another day?


What days will you be reopening?

We will be open Wednesday – Sunday. We will be closed on Monday and Tuesday.

What times will you be open?

We will be open 8.30am – 4pm each day (including Saturday and Sunday)

Will there be social distancing on the carpark?

Yes, there will be sufficient space to achieve 2 metres between cars and on the water entry points if everyone cooperates.

Will the toilets be open?

Yes, but the changing rooms will be closed.

Can I refill my cylinder?

Yes, we will fill Air but not Nitrox and we will fill O2 rebreather cylinders.

Will the shop be open?

No, but we will be able to take in service work.

Will hire kit be available?

Maybe cylinders and regs but nothing else.

Will Nemo's Bar be open?

We all wish…but No, however the take-out will be open.

Will the rescue boat and crew be on standby?


Can I bring students and teach?

Not at present, training agencies are recommending that teaching should not take place. We expect that training may be able to restart in July