Open Water Swim in Stoney Cove’s

Spring Fed Water

Stoney Cove welcomes open water swimmers to our centre, however, please be aware that the lake is deep, cold water and is not suitable for paddling or play swimming.

Our lake is famed for the quality of its spring fed water and on shore facilities. With an area of 13 acres Stoney Cove offers a 1000 metre perimeter course in Leicestershires cleanest water, no fleas or mites. Our shore facilities include hard surfaced car parks, showers, changing rooms and the all-important bar and restaurant. Stoney Coves package is hard to beat and is fully supported with a rescue boat on constant standby and qualified first aiders.

Top tips for getting into open water swimming from Swim England
1. You need to be a competent swimmer. Become a strong pool swimmer first then it’s a fairly simple transition into open water.
2. If you are competent, then practise for open water swimming in the pool. Check out our top tips for preparing in the pool for open water here.
3. Be honest with yourself about how fond you are of fish. This is not a chlorine controlled pool environment.
4. Get into open water swimming with a friend. Swimming alone in open water is not recommended. The temperature and choppiness of the water can make things difficult.
5. Open water is cold, buy a wetsuit. They help insulate against the cold and keep you buoyant in open water. They are also great fun to wear.
6. If you have got the level where you are considering open water swimming you may want to think about joining a Masters Swimming Club. They are a great way to find fellow open water wannabies. They will also help you develop your swimming in a supportive environment

All swimmers must check in as they arrive at Stoney Cove and follow these simple rules.

  • Swimmers must always swim in groups of two or more – never swim alone, alternatively bring a spotter to watch over you.
  • All swimmers are advised to wear a wetsuit for warmth and buoyancy
  • All swimmers must use a tow float.
  • Swimmers should carry an emergency whistle.
  • Swimmers are advised to wear a brightly coloured swimming hat.
  • No persons under 12 years old can swim.  Under 18’s to be accompanied by an adult. 
  • When swimming at night please attach a light source or waterproof torch to your float.
  • Please take care when entering the water, it’s best if you don’t jump in. However if you prefer this, make sure the water beneath you is clear of any other person or divers ascending to the surface.
  • Do not swim beneath the cliffs, swim 10 metres away, in case of rock falls
    Swim tickets can be cancelled up to 24 hours before their valid date, less a £5 admin fee, and credit coupon issued.

Open water swimming sessions cost £10 or £6 with a Swimlog registation, To buy tickets to swim, please go to the home page and follow the link to buy tickets,

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