I’m often asked why we don’t have more features in the deepest, darkest 35-metre depths of Stoney Cove. The answer’s simple. Like everything we do at Stoney Cove, we have to consider the risks and make sure that each feature is appropriate for its location. Clearly it would be wrong to place our most fabulous features at a depth that is beyond the qualifications or experience of the majority of our visitors. That said, I know that intrepid divers keen to explore the deep know the Hydrobox inside out and have been hankering after a new place to visit. It was just a question of finding the right sort of object and the Shiers Diving Bell fits the bill perfectly.


During a very snowy week in February, our friends from 21 Engineer Dive Team gave us a helping hand and lifted the Bell to the surface ready for its move. During a blizzard, the Bell was carefully towed across the lake and lowered into position, 25 metres west of the Hydrobox – the final move in a massive project. The Shiers Bell now stands proudly at the bottom of Stoney Cove as a testament to the epic work carried out by divers during construction of the Thames Barrier during the 1970s.


Our thanks go to everyone that contributed to this project and especially to Tim Prince. A leading member of the oldest established scuba diving club in the UK – The Birmingham Underwater Exploration Club – Tim introduced us to The Shiers Diving Bell in the first place. Cheers!