The Shiers Bell is an important historic artifact from Britians greatest commercial diving job…the Thames Barrier. It’s an amazing fact that the Bell came to Stoney Cove in 1974 for testing, before it went to work. After completing the circle, It now stands proudly at the bottom of the darkest 35-metre depths of Stoney Cove, here’s Don Shiers story.


Using the Diving Bridge...

The Diving Bell

Designed by Shiers Diving – this open bottom bell was used to visually inspect the base of the Cofferdam

Read about its design, testing and return to Stoney Cove.

Testing times at the cove...1974

Flood Danger

The River Thames itself is much narrower than it used to be. As our population increases and the city of London expands, more and more of

the natural floodplain is built upon. Human activity is contributory to the increasing risks of flooding.

The Return

It was just a question of finding the right sort of thing and the Shiers Diving Bell fits the bill perfectly.


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