What just happened?

You were expecting the Stoney Cove Swimming site? We’ve been hard at work and now only have one website for Stoney Cove which includes all tickets for Diving and Swimming.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to my login details?
We moved them for you. They’ll be the same as they were on the Swimming site. You can login by clicking here.

What if I had an account on the Diving and the Swimming site?
We won’t have been able to move your account over if the email address was the same for both accounts. In this case, you can login here with the details you had on the Diving account and you will be able to book both swimming and diving using just the one account.

I had some credit on my Swimming Account – what happens to this?
We’ve moved it over to this site for you. You will find it linked to your email address automatically (and the same coupon code will work and show at the checkout as well as in your account)

What about my order history?
Unfortunately, we weren’t able to move your order history over. If you do need any details of previous orders, please contact us and we will be able to email it to you.